Alexa Drake


Alexa started programming as a hobby in high-school, learning Pascal, C, and C++. In college, she picked up C# and, alongside her studies, built tools to enable academic research and data analysis for graduate students in the San Francisco State University Biology Department. For her work, she was included as an author on posters presented at local and national biology conferences and acknowledged in several graduate theses.

As a developer in the QBE Digital Innovation Lab, Alexa advised and led teams of interns and was quickly promoted to Senior Developer and eventually to Lead Researcher, an engineer & leadership role. As Lead Researcher in the QBE Digital Innovation Lab, Alexa led and worked with teams to develop software to meet specific business needs. This work included working with individual business units to understand their abilities, needs, and limitations throughout the development process to ensure that the product delivered sufficiently met expectations in both usability and functionality. This work required that Alexa learn and quickly become competent with a variety of programming languages and frameworks.

She is proficient in C#, Java, Python, Go, Javascript, Typescript, C & C++ and a plethora of libraries and frameworks for each.